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Tariq bin Ziad: Intro

The 800 odd years of Mulims rule in Hispania (Portugal & Spain) which had transformed the land into an important educational and cultural hub and granted it with beautiful and rich architecture was initiated by a big dream of a wise man.

Tariq ibn Ziad is known as the conqueror of Hispania. Operating under the orders of Caliph al-Walid; a Muslim commander named Musa Ibn Nusayr led his men to conquer the lands of Africa. This is where he crossed path with a local Berber man named Tariq Ibn Ziad, a resolute, intelligent and renowned clan warrior who would later convert into Islam and brought up as an army general for Musa. Tariq's loyalty to the Umayyad Caliphate, his faith in the religion and valour in battle was the main pillars of his success.

711AD marks the date Tariq would fulfil his destiny to become the man who liberate Hispania form misery and poverty cast by the unjust rule of Romans for 200 years. This is the remarkable story of his journey on the path of Jihad for Allah.